Marbella solar panels

Solar Integration: Shining a Light on Efficiency

Dive into the world of solar integration, where advanced technology meets the power of the sun. Discover how integrating solar solutions can illuminate the path to reduced energy costs and a brighter, more sustainable future.

Marbella Solar energy batteries

Battery Banks: Powering Your Independence

Incorporating a battery bank into your energy system is crucial for harnessing and optimizing renewable power, providing stability and reliability to meet your project’s unique needs. They ensure a continuous energy supply, making your transition to renewable solutions both seamless and efficient.

Marbella heating system

Heat Pumps: Year-Round Comfort

Heat pumps are a versatile solution for both heating and cooling, offering an efficient way to regulate your property’s temperature year-round. Embracing integration with solar technology, they form a key part of a sustainable energy system, significantly reducing energy costs and increasing overall efficiency.

Marbella energy storage

Thermal Storage: Harnessing Energy for Later

Thermal storage plays a pivotal role in maximizing the efficiency of your heating and cooling systems, allowing you to store excess energy for later use. It’s an essential component in creating a more flexible and sustainable energy solution, smoothing out demand peaks and enhancing overall system performance.

Marbella EV chargers

EV Chargers: Fueling the Future

EV chargers are a critical step towards embracing a sustainable future, providing the essential link between renewable energy systems and electric vehicles. They offer a convenient, efficient way to ensure your vehicle is always ready to go, supporting the transition to cleaner, greener transportation.

Marbella smart home

Smart Control: The Brain of Your Energy System

Smart control and automation are the brains behind your energy system, optimizing performance and efficiency across all components. They ensure seamless operation and adaptability, making your sustainable energy solutions smarter, more responsive, and easier to manage.

Introducing the Next Generation of Solar Technology

At Virtusol – EcoNext Marbella, we pride ourselves on utilizing the most sophisticated technologies available in the renewable energy sector. Our commitment to innovation and excellence is why we are excited to introduce the latest advancement in solar energy technology – the next generation Virtu solar collectors from Naked Energy Ltd.

Virtu represents a breakthrough in solar technology, combining the best of photovoltaic and thermal systems to deliver unparalleled efficiency and performance. These state-of-the-art collectors are designed to harness the sun’s power more effectively, providing our clients with a superior solution for both electricity and heat generation.

With the introduction of Virtu solar collectors, new horizons have opened up for our clients in the realm of solar energy. This cutting-edge technology not only elevates the potential of solar power but also aligns with our mission to provide the most advanced and sustainable energy solutions. By integrating Virtu into our offerings, we are ensuring that our clients have access to the very best in the market, setting new standards for energy independence and sustainability.

Join us as we embrace this exciting new era of solar technology with Virtu solar collectors, and explore the boundless possibilities of a cleaner, greener future. With Virtusol – EcoNext Marbella, experience the pinnacle of renewable energy solutions.

Introducing MarkeDroid: The Perfect Tool for Managing Home Energy Systems


    By integrating multiple energy sources into one cohesive unit, MarkeDroid optimizes the efficiency and performance of your energy infrastructure.


    With MarkeDroid´s seamless integration capabilities, your solar parks and batteries are effortlessly monitored and price driven automatically.


    MarkeDroid´s AI models leverage advanced algorithms to optimize production, sales, purchases, and storage. This ensures that every aspect of your energy ecosystem operates at its peak potential.

At Virtusol, we are committed to delivering superior value and unique solutions in the field of smart energy production and storage management. As an authorized distributor of MarkeDroid, we specialize in optimizing your energy investments with strategies that focus not just on consumption but on maximizing returns.

Leveraging spot price-driven strategies, we help you make the most informed decisions on when to buy, sell, or store energy. By integrating real-time market prices, weather conditions, and your specific energy usage patterns, MarkeDroid empowers you to enhance your savings and profitability throughout the year.

Full energy audit and automated systems

Marbella energy audit

Full energy audit

  • An energy audit assesses how and where energy is used in a building or system, identifying areas of high consumption and inefficiency

  • Audit provides tailored recommendations for energy-saving measures, helping to reduce costs and improve efficiency.
  • Implementing audit recommendations can significantly reduce a building’s carbon footprint and environmental impact.

  • nergy audits provide detailed insights and data, supporting informed decision-making in energy management and investment.

Automated home systems

  • Smart system management is key to maximizing efficiency and productivity in energy systems like solar PV and thermal units.

  • Battery banks and thermal units are crucial for consistent energy supply, storing excess power and heat for use during demand spikes or low production.

  • Advanced monitoring allows systems to adjust to real-time conditions, optimizing storage performance and minimizing waste.

The amount of solar energy received by Earth could power a civilization over 100 times larger than ours!

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